The History Of Bitcoin And Myself Starts From Here.

Bitcoin is now the most popular cryptocurrency. People are talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency all over the internet. Many people are investing in it too. Others just found out about it yesterday. I believe that everyone questions Bitcoin after they first hear about it.

So how did I become interested in Bitcoin in the first place?

My history begins from here.

Back in 2011, I set up a Bitcoin miner app on my iMac and connected to the legendary Slash Pool, opened an exchange address on Mt.Gox, and ran dual-core CPU overnight. All of this happened because there were some random people talking about “digital money” on IRC. To me, it simply sounded fun to have some internet money. I did not even understand what blockchain was or who Satoshi Nakamoto was. But I was lucky enough that CPU mining was not so slow in 2011 and fortunately, I got a small return from mining. In that time Bitcoin was around $1.00 USD.

Don’t forget that in 2011 it didn’t seem so real like today. Only geek websites like /. (SlashDot) and people in IRC talked about it. In my opinion it didn’t seem real at all. (Lite coin was zero point something)

From then onwards, between 2012 –2014

Between 2012 -2014, I kept myself updated on random news, whether it was good or bad. This included the hacking Mt. Gox and talks about Silk Road and the Bitcoin bubble fears that spread on the internet. The good news however, was that Wordpress, Microsoft, Dell and some other businesses announced that they have accepted Bitcoin. Suddenly I found myself starting to believe that this new idea can possibly be real. Around that time the Bitcoin price went up from $1.00 and like a skyrocket to the moon, shot straight up to $1,000. Soon after, the bubble had burst and the price plummeted back down to $200. But it was like the same old movie because I didn’t study it, I didn’t know much about it. I saw the possibility that it would turn into something big and I underestimated it a second time.

Hand shake in 2016

One Sunday afternoon in 2016, I had some free time while working on my FOURLEAF startup company when a random internet article caught my attention. I browsed and looked up information about price, history, volume, market cap and anything else related to Bitcoin. It was shocking to see how the market cap and transaction volume skyrocketed.

This time I spent some time studying it deeper and seeing it more than just “internet money.” I began reading about blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. From that day onwards, many ideas about Bitcoin possibilities popped up in my head. I decided to invest in it and expected it to grow the same way it grew before. Honestly, I didn’t expect to see $19,000 for a Bitcoin in December 2017. I didn’t focus so much about the trading aspect but in terms of technology, in the next 10 years to me, it seems like this is the real deal… for the world.

I used to underestimate it. Still today, many people are underestimating it…

#Bitcoin / Trader 🔍 / Phuket 🏝 , Thailand

#Bitcoin / Trader 🔍 / Phuket 🏝 , Thailand