Earn your passive income by staking cryptocurrency

Back In 2011, I used to earn some money by just using only one computer mine Bitcoin but after we all know It’s impossible to be a Bitcoin miner without own ASIC CPU farm and you don’t feel like to have a responsibility on the mining hardware or maybe sometimes you feel like being a crypto trader is too stressful for you (Sometimes I feel it too trust me) but you still want to earn passive income. Maybe you should consider staking some crypto.

What is Stake?

For some of you who is in crypto space for long time you might know “proof of work(PoW)” and “proof of stake(PoS)” but for some of you only know Bitcoin and still confuse about two of this I recommend you to read this wiki 👉🏼 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Proof_of_Stake It gives you more than enough to understand it.

Today (I write this blog in 2020) Proof of stake(PoS) become more interesting in crypto space and the developers tend to use it more because of scaling limits they found. Also Ethereum 2.0 code name Casper is eventually converting to Proof of Stake (PoS). And to stake the Tokens basically you have to run node and be Validator. Details and rules can be variety deepened on each platform can be minimum token holder or 24/7 uptime and because of this work Validator will get the reward.

Become a Delegator

I will make simple comparison this way with Bitcoin miner. Most people run some small mining machines and bring their computing power to join mining pool to have better chance to get rewards. On the other hand to stake some Coins/Tokens instead of running Validator node 24/7. We delegate the tokens to validators service provider who run node and share the reward with them. For majority people I recommend this way because it’s a lot easier we don’t have to take care of computer and very convenient for non-tech people. This way you can delegate by using some staking service provider and crypto wallet which have staking features. (I will write about this next time)

Talk about passive income

Here is some blockchain you can stake with Estimate Annual Yeld listed by market cap.

  1. Tezos — Yeld 6-10%
  2. EOS — Yeld 1–3%
  3. Polkadot — Yeld 9.55%
  4. Tron — Yeld 7–9%
  5. Cosmos — Yeld 7.23%
  6. QTUM — Yeld 6.34%
  7. ICON — Yeld 12.94%
  8. Algorand — Yeld 5.82%
  9. Elrond — Yeld 26.63%
  10. Waves — Yeld 5.71%
  11. Matic Network (Etherium)— Yeld 45.27%
  12. Kusama — Yeld 3.29%
  13. Ark — Yeld 8.98%
  14. Harmony — Yeld 9.90%
  15. Cardano — Yeld 3–12%
  16. Kybernetwork — Yeld 1–3%
  17. KAVA — Yeld 7-15%
  18. Vechain — Yeld 3–5%
  19. Band Protocol — Yeld 14.36%
  20. Loom Network — Yeld 17%

From this list above do you think is it a good idea to stake crypto? 🤔 Let me know in the comment below what do you think and what is your favorite crypto you like to stake.

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#Bitcoin / Trader 🔍 / Phuket 🏝, My Analysis 🧐 http://patreon.com/tunniverse

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#Bitcoin / Trader 🔍 / Phuket 🏝, My Analysis 🧐 http://patreon.com/tunniverse

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